Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am a... TRIATHLETE!!!!

Yes! I did it! I did it! I finished my first triathlon!!! Woohoo! That was today, this very same am!!!

I left around 9:30pm last night to go to Barcelona. I slept at my brothers. Alarm clock went off at 6:30, got up, had a coffee, gathered my stuff and set off. Took the underground and was there in no time. Long line of ladies waiting to pick the bib number up. I lined up, saw someone I knew (phew) and waited. Got my bib number and headed to get my bike. Put it away and got everything ready for the "big" moment. We listened to the instructions given by the organization and off we set... first group of ladies in the water, 2nd, 3rd... and then mine... 7th and last! It was impossible to swim in the lake... too shallow (filthy too)but it was done, laughing and all. At times it was soooooooooooo shallow the water was only up to our ankles! If you stood up, the bottom was slippery so it was funny altogether! Transition to biking. That was good, hard little course but nice and then the toughest, transitioning to running... my legs felt, yet once more, like stone. My quads were screaming, but... I did it! It was hard. I passed a few ladies. I have to say my friend Nurita and I were the last, the very last to leave the transition area from swimming to biking, she passed 29 ladies, I passed 25! I finished 204 overall out of 229 in 45:18 total (transitions included) with 4:41 for swimming, 26:09 for biking and 14:28 for racing. Happy with the result and wanting more :P

Maybe my legs could feel the 12k race I did yesterday too... which was great... I was surprised I was able to run the full distance (except hills that were outrageously difficult and steep!) in 1:27!

So, there... it's not Tri-Jacky??? anymore, it's Tri-Jacky... I DID IT! I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!!!


  1. Congrats to you! You did awesome and it sounds like you had such a positive experience! Nice work:) This was a great report filled with excellent pictures!

  2. Congratulations Jacky!!!!! You do it!!! and you are a great Triathlete!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!!! that is sooo amazing!