Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am a... TRIATHLETE!!!!

Yes! I did it! I did it! I finished my first triathlon!!! Woohoo! That was today, this very same am!!!

I left around 9:30pm last night to go to Barcelona. I slept at my brothers. Alarm clock went off at 6:30, got up, had a coffee, gathered my stuff and set off. Took the underground and was there in no time. Long line of ladies waiting to pick the bib number up. I lined up, saw someone I knew (phew) and waited. Got my bib number and headed to get my bike. Put it away and got everything ready for the "big" moment. We listened to the instructions given by the organization and off we set... first group of ladies in the water, 2nd, 3rd... and then mine... 7th and last! It was impossible to swim in the lake... too shallow (filthy too)but it was done, laughing and all. At times it was soooooooooooo shallow the water was only up to our ankles! If you stood up, the bottom was slippery so it was funny altogether! Transition to biking. That was good, hard little course but nice and then the toughest, transitioning to running... my legs felt, yet once more, like stone. My quads were screaming, but... I did it! It was hard. I passed a few ladies. I have to say my friend Nurita and I were the last, the very last to leave the transition area from swimming to biking, she passed 29 ladies, I passed 25! I finished 204 overall out of 229 in 45:18 total (transitions included) with 4:41 for swimming, 26:09 for biking and 14:28 for racing. Happy with the result and wanting more :P

Maybe my legs could feel the 12k race I did yesterday too... which was great... I was surprised I was able to run the full distance (except hills that were outrageously difficult and steep!) in 1:27!

So, there... it's not Tri-Jacky??? anymore, it's Tri-Jacky... I DID IT! I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dress rehearsal...

Or close to it, LOL! On Sunday I was to do 300 easy meters in the pool (thought it was 15 minutes and so I did and swam 450 meters), rode 9kms on the bike and run 2.1kms, the tri is 300-8-2 so... I did it!!! Woohoo! But you was it tough! My legs felt like huge stones when I started my run but still I did it and it was great! Can't wait for Sunday... we'll see what happens!

Tonight I had to do 15x25m pools at full blast. I did those plus 5 extra pools. Felt great!

School starts tomorrow... hope I'm strong enough to put up with all that awaits me!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bike ride + swim + 5K

Ok, so I rode 13K on Friday and then headed to the pool for 560m of swimming. It was great. Feeling so much more confident in the water. Getting faster and loving it! Nice also to have the 2 sports back to back even if in different order :P

And today... 5K in Ripollet, running alongside with Xavi Papell who was a great help.I did walk the hills with him as he has an injury on his quads and he can't run hills but finished, finished well and could have done yet another lap to complete the 10K race but then again... I would have had to do that 2nd lap on my own and I think it would have been different! In the end 35:35 (would have been around 33 I'm guessing without stopping) and great sensations. Loved being able to be there for him too!

Rest day tomorrow and more pool on Tuesday! Woohoo! Might go for a bike ride tomorrow though :p, depending on what we end up doing... all kids are at school tomorrow... 2 days off for me before going back to work, yippee!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A step closer!

Schedule called for 10x100m hills and despite starting after 10am and being extremely hot... I did it!!! So, one more thing done. Swimming tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes, 25kms on the bike this am. We spent the day at my brother's yesterday. It was great. The kids had sooooooooo much fun... it was really nice. We got home late. Pol went straight to bed. Paula and Jan had a little dinner. I just had a yogurt. Nontheless I was in bed at midnight... Pol decided to wake up at 4:30 for a bottle and then at 6:10 with a nightmare. Still I had set the alarm clock at 8. Got up at 8:30, got dressed (everything was ready) and headed out. In the end, a little over 25kms on the bike path from Girona to Cassà de la Selva and back... it was great!

Heading to the pool with the kids now... granted I won't be able to swim with all 3 kids but hey... being fresh and cool is always nice!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the right track... I think!

Ok... so I've started... I've been swimming and biking... woohoo! And... I'm LOVING it!

I first took the bike on Tuesday evening for a short ride. I have to admit I was dead scared going downhill and turning at the bends/curves but it's getting better! I took Paula and Jan swimming on Tuesday am and it was great... managed to swim 320meters... need to swim more... it was tiring! I also did underwater bike for 10 minutes and had a blast! In the evening, a little over 4km on the bicycle, on the roads and a 1.6km run... trying to see how it felt to bike and then run... geez... it was hard but... sooooooooooooo great! So I got all 3 sports in in just one day :)

I went for a run last night... I did over 2k warmup and then 4.175km that felt AWESOME all the way! I was soooooooooooo happy and felt fullfilled! This am, after droping Pol off at daycare I went for a bike ride... in the end, almost 20kms that felt great! Hopefully my bum will get used to it, LOL! Of course, my legs "demand" an explanation of what I've done to them, LOL but I'm loving the feeling, woohoo!!!!

So, I think I'm on track... need to swim more and bike a little too... I was less scared today... it was simply perfect!!!

Sept. 12th... here I come!